The behavioral training platform

We help children, young adults, and their families to achieve impressive results. Behavior can be changed, and Beanfee is the right tool for the job.

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The problem

Changing a person's behavior is difficult, and many attempts end in failure, even when we have a strong understanding of the science behind it. The problem is that proven methods are both complicated and time-consuming.

We are generally impatient when it comes to behavior change and try to change too many things at once. We need extra help to keep us focused and on track.
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We have different likes and interests, and are likewise motivated differently. A successful behavior change plan needs to be more personalized.
It's not enough to simply track our habits. We need support from others, and everybody involved needs access to good and accurate information.
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Our solution

We developed Beanfee, a digital platform, to help with behavioral training for children and young adults. Our solution is based on behavior analysis, reward systems as seen in many video games, and extensive trials in real-world situations.

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With Beanfee, not only do we focus on the subject but also involve the family and sometimes teachers and therapists. Beanfee makes sure everybody is on the same track towards a clear goal.

A successful behavioral training intervention early on can make a huge difference in a young person's life, and that drives us onwards in our mission.

Our unique approach

Re-use, share, and even sell your behavioral program templates and assets
Set up a personalized reward store for subjects suited to their interests
Create personalized achievement badges, as seen in many computer games
Customizable measurements with real-time analysis and anomaly detection
Participants in a program can communicate and collaborate in real-time
Ensures participants work together towards the goal and stay motivated
Based on solid behavioral research and other relevant scientific data
Integrates with many project and communication systems used by professionals

Our approach is rooted in the school of behavior analysis and guided by our extensive hands-on experience and rigorous testing. During development, we learned a lot and are constantly fine-tuning our methods for better results.

What people are saying

Initial research indicates that Beanfee can effectively support academic engagement and reduce persistent behavior problems of elementary students in inclusive classrooms.
Picture of person giving testimonial
dr. Anna-Lind Pétursdóttir
Professor of psychology
Beanfee is the first platform we have seen work for all our students with individualized programs and rewards
Picture of person giving testimonial
Ásdís Halla Einarsdóttir
Behavior analyst
I have been a teacher for 35 years and Beanfee is the best tool I have used to support positive behavioral change in my students
Picture of person giving testimonial
Heiða Ósk Stefánsdóttir
Elementary school teacher
Beanfee is easy to use and nearly all students enrolled in the program have shown big improvements
Picture of person giving testimonial
Drífa Sigurjónsdóttir
Elementary school department head
Without hesitation, I recommend Beanfee as a powerful tool for behavioral change in students
Picture of person giving testimonial
Dögg Gunnarsdóttir
Elementary school principal
No more crying and screaming when trying to get my child to read. Now it wants to start every day by reading, even though Beanfee is no longer active
Mother of a nine-year-old
It really helped my ADHD diagnosed son to study every day
Mother of a 12-year-old
Getting a child to read over the summertime is close to impossible. Beanfee changed all that with great rewards and reminders
Mother of a nine-year-old
For the first time did my child take an active and joyful part in its reading
Mother of an eight-year-old

We are partners with

Logo for University of Iceland
University of Iceland, and the faculty of psychology is our primary research partner and currently conducting a study with us.
Logo for Iceland University Hospital
Iceland University Hospital, and the department of child and adolescent psychiatry have used Beanfee and plan to expand their usage.
Logo for Lækjarskóli
Lækjarskóli, a local school, has participated in our trials from the start. We're already seeing many students achieve amazing results.
Logo for The Icelandic Technology Fund
The Icelandic Technology Fund provided us with the initial funds to support our research and development of the prototype.

We have partnered with these and other entities, which focus on the education of young people and their mental health. This has enabled us to stay close to the problem and the people involved, including parents and professionals. Throughout our partnerships, we have tested our approach across a wide set of scenarios, from the development of a good study routine towards being a powerful support tool in the treatment of mental health disorders.

Are you interested in becoming a partner? If so, then please contact us.

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